What is Medical Pet Boarding?

Pet owners enjoy spending time with their furry companions, but sometimes, you'll have to go somewhere your beloved pet can't safely accompany you. In this blog post, our Danbury vets explain medical boarding, how it differs from other options, and when it may be a good option. 

What Are the Options for Pet Care?

If you'll be away for a long time and can't bring your pet along, you can choose from three common options for pet care: pet sitting, pet boarding, and medical pet boarding. 

Pet Sitter

A pet sitter is like a babysitter for your pets. It could be someone you hire or someone you know. While the level of service pet sitters offers varies, a sitter's primary role is to check on your pet periodically and administer food, take care of your kitty's or puppy's bathroom breaks, and engage in social playtime. 

Pet Boarding

Pet boarding services, also known as kennels, offer places for pet owners to leave their animals. Recently, these services have improved a lot. While some facilities provide standard bare-bones services that care for your pet's essential needs, others provide more of a summer camp-like atmosphere with a range of activities to keep your animal occupied. 

Since services differ, we suggest visiting a facility before choosing to ensure it's clean, safe, and worth your business. 

Medical Pet Boarding

Medical pet boarding offers all the services you'd get with regular pet boarding but with an added perk: close supervision by a vet and their staff.

When Does My Pet Need Medical Boarding?

Medical pet boarding is best for three types of pets: those with existing health issues, very young ones, and seniors. Unlike regular pet sitting, the staff for medical boarding are trained professionals on how to administer medications, especially if it involves needles. This is a major advantage of medical boarding. The team that can understand your pet's medical history gives medication and adjusts doses if there are issues. They also know what symptoms to watch for based on your pet's medical condition/history.

Requirements for Medical Pet Boarding

Most regular pet boarding requires that the pet being boarded is vaccinated with a list of required vaccines. They will also state whether or not you are allowed to bring toys, bedding, or food for your pet. With most medical boarding, the rule still holds for the vaccination requirement, but double-check with them to see their vaccination policy for pets being medically boarded.

While locations may allow pets' toys and bedding from home under normal boarding circumstances, they may or may not allow it for the pet that is being medically boarded to keep the environment hygienic. Double-check the specifics of the policies on medical boarding at your chosen boarding facility.

Remember to bring your pet's prescribed medication and consider bringing their special food if the vet recommends it.

Medical Pet Boarding Near Danbury

When you need to board your pet for any length of time, you want to leave them with a trustworthy, reliable care provider who can look after any needs your animal may have and make them feel comfortable while you're temporarily out of town. This is doubly true if your pet has just come out of surgery or is dealing with any type of illness. 

We provide medical boarding for dogs and cats in Danbury with a team of trained professionals who take care of your pets with love and skill. We monitor your pet closely, give them any necessary medications, and spend quality time with them to make them feel comfortable. We're here to address any questions or concerns you may have.

      Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. Please make an appointment with your vet to accurately diagnose your pet's condition.<

      Need to board your pet? Are you concerned about their health? Contact our vets in Danbury to see if our medical boarding facilities are right for you and your pet.