Noah's Ark Animal Hospital has all the regular veterinary services Danbury pets need to survive and thrive, including annual examinations, a full suite of vaccinations, veterinary dental care, and so, so much more!

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Vaccinations & Prevention

Prevent many common conditions, diseases and disorders with vaccinations.

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Routine Exams

Prioritize your pet's health, disease prevention and treatment with regular checkups.

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Cold Laser Therapy

Non-invasive treatment option that encourages bone healing, and reduces pain, swelling and inflammation.

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Dental Care

Bring your pet in for complete dental care, from cleanings to surgeries.

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Preserve your senior pet's health with physical exams and proactive treatment.

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Puppies & Kittens

The highest quality of veterinary care and guidance during your puppy or kitten's first year of life.

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Giving your pet a home away from home with medical boarding for cats and dogs.

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Contact us for immediate emergency and urgent veterinary care.

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  • Pet Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention

    Noah's Ark Animal Hospital shields Danbury pets from disease and disorder with a comprehensive range of effective vaccinations and potent parasite prevention medication. Book An Appointment Preventive Vet Care in Danbury Noah's Ark Animal Hospital understands that proper pre...
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  • Cat & Dog Wellness Exams

    The cornerstone of any great vet care foundation is regularly scheduled routine exams. At Noah's Ark Animal Hospital, these vet checkup & wellness exams are focused on ensuring Danbury animal companions remain in good health. Book An Appointment  Preventive Care for Cats & Dogs ...
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  • Cold Laser Therapy

    Cold Laser therapy is a non-invaisive alternative treatment for painful inflammatory conditions that impact cats and dogs. Our Danbury vets utilize CLT to help relieve pain and enhance natural healing in pets. Book An Appointment What is Cold Laser Therapy? Cold laser therapy ...
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  • Emergency Veterinary Care

    Noah's Ark Animal Hospital provides emergency and urgent veterinary care for cats and dogs during our regular clinic hours. (203) 743-9999 After-Hours Emergencies Daytime Emergency Vet Care Contact Noah's Ark Animal Hospital OPEN:
    • Monday:Closed
    • Tuesday:Closed
    • Wednesday:Closed
    • Thursday:Closed
    • Friday:Closed
    • Saturday:Closed
    • Sunday:Closed
    Call: (203) 743-9999 ...
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  • Veterinary Dentistry & Dental Surgery

    Noah's Ark Animal Hospital provides preventive and restorative pet dental health care as well as oral surgery for cats and dogs. Book An Appointment Meeting The Challenge of Oral Health & Why You Need a Vet Dentist Over 80% of US companion animals suffer from dental disease - [SITEWIDE][COMPANY...
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  • Geriatric Care for Pets

    Our Danbury veterinarians provide comprehensive geriatric care for senior cats and dogs to help them feel comfortable and healthy in their old age. Book An Appointment Geriatric Care for Senior Dogs & Cats For pets who are geriatric, vet care is more essential than ever. M...
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  • Puppy & Kitten Veterinary Care

    Our Danbury vets provide guidance, advice, and the highest quality of veterinary care during your puppy or kitten's critical first year of life. Book An Appointment Care for Puppies & Kittens Bringing a new puppy or kitten home is indubitably an exciting time! It is no exa...
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  • Boarding for Pets

    With our overnight boarding for cats and dogs, our Danbury veterinary team will treat your pet like our family and provide a home away from home while you are away. Book An Appointment A Home Away From Home We understand that it can be stressful to leave your pet when you go o...
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